1- a a McDonalds have just begun a new marketing campaign: when you order online you receive a prize. The size of the price is random (ranging from a free BieMac up to a new car). In this case, McDonalds is most likely using which reinforcement schedule? Variable interval Variable-ratio Fixed-ratio Fixed-interval None of the above 2 Fatima loves Coca-Cola. She knows it is not good for her, and she knows that sometimes the company does not do the right thing. Fatima always recommends Coca Cola to her friends and has even bought a Coca Cola fridge. Which of the following does this best illustrate? satisfaction repeat purchasing Cognitive dissonance brand loyalty nerative word of mouth I really love UAEU is an example of which component of attitudes. Cognitive Affective Choice Abstract Behavior 2- Why are so many fast food logos red and yellow.? They just seer like good colors for logos These colors are related to value and confidence These colors are related to appetite and freshness Fixed-ratio reinforcement All of the above 1- 1 3- A consumer who experience his or her actual state moving downward is experiencing Opportunity recognition Need recognition Habitual recognition Face recognition Search recognition 4 Limited problem solving refers to a narrow and intense focus on solving the problem at hand. True False One way in which advertisers try and make it easier for consumers to remember their advertisements is to make their ad into a story format with a beginning a middle and an end. This is called: Semantic memory Narrative memory Associative memory Sensory memory 2 Amina is going to buy a new car. She knows from friends that Volo has the best safety, and that Bmws have the best luxury features. This is an example of the component of her attitude toward cars Behavioral Objective Situational Affective Cognitive
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