Wally was raised in a traditional Catholic family where he was expected to go to Mass every Sunday. The rest of Sunday was always kept for family outings. During the rest of the week his father worked in his own business where he earned an excellent income and his mother stayed at home. The family business was bought out by the ABC Company, where Wally now works. He makes a comfortable wage and has inherited money from his parents who are now dead. He takes his own family to church every Sunday and then on a special outing.

Sally grew up in a single parent home. Her mother has little education and had to work wherever and whenever she could to provide for her only child. Sally’s mother left the church before Sally was born. Sally shares her mother’s negative feelings about organized religion. Sally is currently raising three children as a single parent, and is also supporting her invalid mother who requires expensive medication.

The ABC Company has just asked Sally and Wally to work on Sundays. They will be paid double time. Wally is furious and vows he will not ever work on Sunday. Sally is delighted with this turn of events, and is willing to work every Sunday if she can.

Identify three factors that would help us to understand these two different perceptions about working on Sunday. Support your answers with specific examples from the story.
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