Which of the following could not be probability density functions for a continuous random variable? Explain. Hint: Find the area under the function f(x).

a. f(x) 5 .25 for 0 # x # 1

b. f(x) 5 .25 for 0 # x # 4

c. f(x) 5 x for 0 # x # 2

For a continuous PDF, why can’t we sum the probabilities of all x-values to get the total area under the curve?

Find the mean and standard deviation for each uniform continuous model.

a. U(0, 10) b. U(100, 200) c. U(1, 99)

Find each uniform continuous probability and sketch a graph showing it as a shaded area.

a. P(X , 10) for U(0, 50)

b. P(X . 500) for U(0, 1,000)

c. P(25 , X , 45) for U(15, 65)

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