The weight of a Los Angeles Lakers basketball player averages 233.1 pounds with a standard devi ation of 34.95 pounds. To express these measurements in terms a European would understand, we could convert from pounds to kilograms by multiplying by .4536. (a) In kilograms, what is the mean? (b) In kilograms, what is the standard deviation?

The Rejuvo Corp. manufactures granite countertop cleaner and polish. Quarterly sales Q is a random variable with a mean of 25,000 bottles and a standard deviation of 2,000 bottles. Variable cost is $8 per unit and fixed cost is $150,000. (a) Find the mean and standard deviation of Rejuvo’s total cost. (b) If all bottles are sold, what would the selling price have to be to break even, on average? To make a profit of $20,000?

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