Name of the book: Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases Author: Enz, Cathy A. Use the six essential questions from Chapter 4 of the textbook to see if an organizational resource or capacity will provide the Vancouver Convention Centre with a sustained competitive edge over other cities hosting events and conferences. (1) Does the resource or capability have value in the market? (2) Is the resource or capability unique? (3) Is there a readily available substitute for the resource or capability? (4) Do organizational systems exist that allow the realization of potential? (5) Is the organization aware of and realizing the advantages? (6) Is the resource or capability difficult or costly to imitate? The Vancouver Convention Centre’s (VCC) ( purpose is “to elevate Vancouver as the global leader and convention destination of choice, by creating inspiring and sustainable experiences for: Our clients; Our team; and Our community”. Use only the VCC website and the course textbook to respond to this assignment. Answer the six questions that must be asked to determine whether a resource or capability will lead to a sustainable competitive advantage for VCC and can they sustain this. Provide an answer for each of the 6 questions.

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