MESSAGE ANALYSIS: Carefully analyze the e-mail message below, using the techniques we discussed in class. (The subject line is effective as written.) For the question below (in bold), select the most appropriate answer.

TO: All Employees

SUBJECT: New Accounting Supervisor at KBL Toys, Starting August 4

Please welcome Carly Jamison, our new accounting supervisor, to our KBL team!

Carly will begin work here on Monday, August 4.

Carly received her master’s degree from Sacramento State earlier this year.

She is excited to be with our company.

It is great to have someone in her position who believes strongly in our company’s mission.

There will be a welcome luncheon so you can learn more about Carly. (7) We invite each and every employee to this luncheon on Thursday, August 14, at noon. (8) Please contact Sandy at extension 3410 for a reservation.

Which of the following sentences use(s) a state-of-being verb?

Group of answer choices

Sentence 4

Sentence 5

Sentence 6

(all of the above)

Which of the following sentences use(s) an expletive?

Group of answer choices

Sentence 5

Sentence 6

Sentence 8

(both a and b above)

What is the style problem in Sentence 7?

Group of answer choices


Abstract noun as simple subject

Negative wording

(none of the above)

Which of the following most appropriately describes the e-mail message?

Group of answer choices

An announcement message

A routine request

A routine response

(none of the above)

Study the first sentence of the e-mail message. If this is effective, select “correct.” If not, select the appropriate replacement.

Group of answer choices


There will be a new accounting supervisor at KBL, starting August 4.

I am writing to let you know that KBL has hired a new accounting supervisor.

I hope that each of you is doing well during this busy season for the company!

Which of the following would be an effective goodwill close for the message above?

Group of answer choices

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you for giving Carly your full support!

Congratulations to our KBL Batters for winning second place in the community summer league.

(all of the above)

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