Your Task. Revise the following to eliminate empty words.

a. Are you aware of the fact that social media can drive brand awareness and customer loyalty?

b. Except for the instance of MySpace, social networking sites are booming.

c. If you seek to build an online community that will support your customers, social media services can help.

d. With such a degree of active participation in Facebook and Twitter, it’s easy to understand why businesses are flocking to social sites.

e. We plan to schedule online meetings on a monthly basis.


Your Task. Read the following real Twitter messages and write a 140-character microblog reply to each. Be selective in what you include. Your instructor may show you the actual responses (in the Instructor’s Manual) that the company wrote.

a. @HTWilson94 asks whether grocer Whole Foods stocks Whole Trade certified flowers all year long.22 Prepare a response (140 or fewer characters) based on the following information. Yes, at Whole Foods stores we do indeed offer Whole Trade certified flowers the entire year. We strongly advocate and support the Whole Trade movement, which strives to promote quality, premium price to the producer, better wages and working conditions, and the environment. However, we can’t tell you exactly which Whole Trade certified flowers will be available at our stores and when. You would have to check with your local store for its specific selection.

b. @AmyJean64 sent Bank of America a tweet saying she was frustrated with a real estate short sale. “Have a contract on a house and cannot get them to return calls to finalize.” Prepare a response based on the following information: You work for Bank of America, and you would very much like to help her, but you can’t without certain information. You need her to send you the property address along with her name and phone number so that you can call to see how you can help. She should probably DM (direct message) you with this crucial information.

c. @VickiK wrote to JetBlue: “I have booked a flt in July, CA-VT. Wondering about flying my wedding dress w/me. Is there a safe place to hang it on the plane?”24 Prepare a response based on the following information. We congratulate you on your coming wedding! We bet your wedding dress is beautiful. We don’t have special closets on our planes and certainly nothing big enough for a wedding dress. But here’s a suggestion. Have you considered having it shipped ahead of time? All the best wishes on your upcoming happy event!

d. @ChrisC sent a message to Southwest Airlines saying, “This is extremely frustrating, how is it possible for your website to be down the entire day?”25 Prepare a response based on the following information. Southwest is very, very sorry! It’s extremely frustrating to us also. We realize that you are accustomed to using this site to book flights. Our IT people tell us that the website functionality is getting better. We are not sure exactly what that means in terms of availability, but we are very hopeful that customers will be able to book their flights soon.

e. @JamesR. sent a message to the delivery service UPS complaining, “Holy XXX. It’s after 6 pm and UPS still hasn’t delivered my pkg yet.” Prepare a response based on the following information. UPS makes every effort to deliver all packages promptly. For packages destined for offices, we must deliver by 3 p.m. However, for packages going to residences, our goal is to deliver by 7 p.m. But we can’t always make it, so our drivers can sometimes run later. We’re sorry about the wait.

f. @calinelb sent a message to H&R Block: “YOU SUCK! I’ve been waiting for my return more than 3.5 months.” Prepare a response based on the following: We are sorry that you feel that way. We certainly can’t understand the reason for this long delay. We would like to look into the matter, but before we can respond, we need you to send a DM (direct mail) to our customer service desk at @HRBlockAnswers. We will definitely check on this and get back to you.


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