Topic: Change in work schedule: Religion Implications

Scenario: Jann Harbor, the tumor registrar, made an appointment to discuss her work schedule with Mary Etta Stone, the tumor registry’s director. Miss Harbr is nervous about requesting to change her work schedule because Ms. Stone has a reputation as a hardliner. Jann has had the same Sunday through Thursday daytime schedule for the last five years. In fact, this schedule was one of the attractions of this job because it allowed her time to more easily participate in her children’s school activities. However, her children are now high school age and she has recently joined a new community church that expects regular participation at worship services in Sunday school. She enjoys her job, has an excellent work record, and doesn’t want to jeopardize her position. She feels in a bind because of the priority she gives to her religious obligations. Consequently she asks her boss to change her schedule to work from Tuesday through Saturday on daytime shift. Ms. Stone is reluctant to make this change because she knows that it is difficult to find staff willing to work on Sundays. However she’s also aware that Jann is a valuable employee and suspects that some religious freedom issues may be involved. In the interim while she checks with the human resources director on any potential legal risks of denying the request, she asks Jann to present a written request with a justification for the schedule change, an analysis of the impact of the new schedule, and recommendations for dealing with any potential problems associated with it.

Should Ms.Stone approve the request? explain

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