Topic: Block chain and Intellectual Property

Block chain is an incorruptible digital ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. Assets can be tangible like cash, houses, and cars or intangible like intellectual property, such as patents, copyrights, or even enterprise branding. Go Chain, a firm offers the use of block chain technology as a tool to manage and store copyrights on a decentralized ledger and easily track transactions associated with any digital

content from music to pieces of art. Go Chain offers trust accountability and transparency allowing an immediate revenue stream and enabling a direct relationship between creators and consumers.
As an artist, you can understand how important it is to retain ownership rights and credit as it is frustrating to put in effort and time on your work only to have people accessing it freely without compensation. The internet has made downloading books to music, so easy but at the cost of the creator. A major concern with the current model is that IP rights that cannot be registered. You see, if it cannot be registered, proving in court its infringement becomes hard without proof. Block chain ledgers are timestamped records that cannot be altered making it the perfect place to store proof of ownership. Block chain provides a solution for proving and

authenticating the time of creation and the identity of the original creator. This eliminates doubts and makes it easier for creators to legally enforce their rights when infringement occurs.
Currently, once an author uploads his or her work to the internet, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain control of that work, and to monitor who is using it for what purpose. In many countries like the UK, creators do not have the ability to register copyright. This makes ownership hard to prove. It can be also be difficult for creators to know who is using or profiting from their work, and equally difficult for third parties who’d like to seek a license to know who to contact. The lack of proper registration makes it difficult to stop infringements or to properly monetize on works.

Using Block chain as an IP registry can solve IP law issues by providing a digital certificate of creator authenticity. Improving transparency throughout the entire chain of ownership and licensing process can help third parties identify the original author and avoid infringements and other IP law issues. Go Chain’s Block chain solution can reduce the verification and approval time rate for patents and other registries and provide the market quick access to innovations.

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