Go to this text’s Web site at blaw/clarkson and select “Chapter 9.” Click on “Video Questions” and view the video titled Twelve Angry Men. Then answer the following questions.

(a) The jurors are deliberating on whether to convict the defendant. One juror says that at the beginning of the trial he felt that the defendant was guilty and that “nobody proved otherwise.” Does a criminal defendant have to offer evidence of his or her innocence? What must the prosecution show to establish that a defendant is guilty? How does the burden of proof differ in criminal and civil cases?

(b) It is clear that all of the jurors except one (Henry Fonda) believe that the defendant is guilty. How many jurors does it usually take to render a verdict in a criminal case?

(c) When the holdout juror says that under the U.S. Constitution “the defendant does not even have to open his mouth,” to which provision is he referring?

(d) Is it wrong for a group of jurors to bully or persuade another juror of the defendant’s guilt or innocence? Explain.

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