Go to this text’s Web site at blaw/clarkson and select “Chapter 5.” Click on “Video Questions” and view the video titled Real World Legal: Pharzime, Scene 1 and Scene 2. Then answer the following questions.

(a) In Scene 1, two employees discuss whether to market their company’s drug as a treatment for other conditions—even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the drug for treating only epilepsy. One employee argues that marketing the drug for more than the one treatment will increase the company’s short-term profits and that obtaining the FDA approval for the other treatments will take too long. What theory describes this employee’s perspective? 

(b) In Scene 2, a new sales rep discusses the company’s off-label marketing strategy with a veteran sales rep. Is it unethical or illegal for a sales rep to represent that he is a doctor when he has a doctorate degree in chemistry but is not actually a physician? Explain.

(c) In Scene 2, when the new sales rep suggests that they talk with the corporation’s legal or human resources department about the drug’s safety for off-label uses, how does the woman respond? Does her response encourage ethical conduct? Discuss fully.

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