Doing business overseas cannot happen without learning about and trying to understand the customs, cultures, and work habits of people in other countries. Equally, effective management styles must be developed. The example of Russia follows. Russia is moving from a central to a market economy, and management is changing along with that new direction. The United States and Russia interpret “partnerships” differently. Management in Russia is more authoritarian than that of the United States; the chain of command, responsibility, communication, and the decision-making process are all affected by this difference in management style. Looking back at history and incorporating the evolutionary knowledge can aid the understanding of emerging economies.


  1. Create a two-to-three page business reportas you would submit to your CEO of why you feel a planned entry of the company “Happy Hamburger” into the Russian market should not be rushed. The executive team has decided to go full steam ahead, but you see pitfalls in hurrying this move.
  2. State your reasons, with facts to back them up. This means citing your sources. This U.S. – Russia Business Council website, may be of some help, but also use your textbook. Your personal opinion does not count.
  3. Do not write as you speak, remember this is a report, designed to persuade the CEO to hold off. This is not a reflection paper or a letter.
  4. Discuss political, legal, and technological aspects of market entry and consider the following in your response as well: Act of state doctrine, Doctrine of comity, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
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