You work for a private, enrollment driven university that is trying to improve its Latin American market share through offering an E-Teaching and Learning master’s degree specialization utilizing four MOOCbased courses. This new degree program will generate revenue by offering the for-credit program at a reduced cost in Latin America. It will also charge for completion certificates. As such, instructional activities and strategies that will be built into it must not only answer to the needs and standards of practice of the program, institution, and professional society, but it must do so in a way that responds to the cultural, linguistic, and political differences between the United States and Latin American countries. You and your instructional design team have been selected by the university leadership to address this new initiative. The university president’s office is enthusiastic about the potential enrollment driven revenue that will be generated when the new program is fully implemented. To expedite the rollout of the MOOC-based e-teaching and learning specialization, the president has formulated a task force that will handle the program promotion as well as administer the course enrollments and address technological issues. However, the curriculum and instructional activities and strategies are being left to your group of instructional designers and subject matter experts. You and your team are charged with designing courses on (1) the history and current trends in e-learning, (2) learning theories and instructional approaches in e-learning, (3) assessment and evidence of competence in e-learning, and (4) cultural and linguistic accommodation in e-learning. a. How will you manage this project? What policies and practices will you put in place to ensure success? b. What types of instructional design features might you embed in these MOOCs to help them succeed? c. How will you ensure that the collaboration between the subject-matter experts and instructional designers is productive?


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