Assignment #2 – Advertising Plan SCENARIO: After their “recent” public issues, Chipotle is going to reinvent itself. They have decided to convert to a sit down concept restaurant that now serves alcoholic beverages (Mexican beer and margaritas). They have come to you to start off their new advertising campaign on the right note. To develop demand for their new concept you’ll create an ad campaign following the steps outlined in the Lecture from Chapter 18. Be sure to mention each of the areas listed below. Also be sure that you are focusing on strategies for this specific ad campaign — not simply advertising their current concept. Do not use any current advertising campaign! Step 1 — Target market of this specific ad campaign Provide a geographic, demographic, and psychographic description of your target. I am looking for an insightful description of your target. Step 2a — Objective of this specific ad campaign Be sure you identify what you want this ad campaign to accomplish. Which of the types of advertising (informative, persuasive or reminder) will you be using and why? Step 2b — Focus of campaign What will be the focus of your ads – product-focused or institutional? Why? (NOTE: In addition to your text, see the lecture for clarification of these terms). Step 3 — Determine your budget You don’t have to do anything for this step. Your client has decided to give you $1,000,000!! Step 4a — Convey the message (be creative!) Develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for the campaign. Make sure to provide an explanation of your rationale for the USP. Step 4b — Determine your appeal Will you use an informational or emotional appeal? Why? Step 5a — Media types Describe which media types (please be sure you understand what a media type is; please refer to this week’s lecture) you will use and why. Think about what you can and cannot afford with your budget. Step 5b –- Media vehicles Describe which media vehicles (again, refer to this week’s lecture to ensure you understand the definition of a media vehicle) you will use and why. For instance if magazine is the media type, then Sports Illustrated or Cosmopolitan is the media vehicle; if TV is the media type then Food Network or “Bones” is the vehicle (it can be a cable network or a network program). Step 5c — Media schedule How will you schedule your media? (continuous, pulsing, flighting)? Please explain why. If you select pulsing or flighting, you need to explain when. Step 6 — IMC — Integrating your ad with the rest of the promotional tools Identify and discuss other, non-advertising promotions you will use to coordinate with this ad campaign. Are there personal selling, sales promotions/incentives, public relations, mobile, social media, etc. efforts you’d like to include? (Keep being creative!) NOTE: In your book, step 6 is creating the ad but we are substituting IMC in this activity. Step 7 — Evaluating your campaign This is maybe one of the most important steps. How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign? How will you know if it “worked?” How will you know if you should repeat the campaign, or completely revamp it?
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