In my workplace, I experienced an organizational change in the form of change in management and their policies to proceed the organization further in their own style. This change in management and leadership demanded the employees which can work and perform their duties according to their set goals and objectives. It was difficult for the employees to suddenly change. This change in management and strategic policies has the goal to achieve outcomes immediately without considering the concerns and issues of already present internal consultants. The employees need a proper guideline and some time to implement the change and to bring the desired outcomes. This is obviously the change cannot be implemented immediately. Also, it is not possible that an entire working environment change with specialized outcomes. Like they may change but move towards the specialized results by first achieving the general ones. In this case, same can be expected that internal consultants first change themselves according to the organization and then focus on the desired outcomes slowly.

the Four Types of Change Leaders. Looking specifically at the Continuous Improver which analyzes microenvironments and seeks changes such as reengineering systems and processes. The organization in this category is reasonably well aligned with its environment and is in an industry where complex systems and processes provide for improvement opportunities.

Q: Can this be truly accomplished by using an external change leader? Why or why not? Use your organization and change as an example.

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