Explain the issue from the below paragraph related to remuneration management and give solutions

Being a GET at TML had always been an attractive option for young engineers. GETs had three annual projects (four months each) and no formal performance rating at the end of year, as well as opportunities to travel throughout the country. However, TML had been facing a challenge in the last few years with respect to attracting new talent. The company had a provident fund and superannuation scheme , which added to costs but did not really translate into more cash for young engineers. Since many GETs thought “short term” (many of them were just waiting to take the entrance test for a post-graduate qualification in management), this policy was detrimental to TML. Soni had received a call from the HR head of the Jamshedpur plant, who was convinced that GETs in Jamshedpur were not being treated fairly as a number of them had told him that they were being paid $79 per month less than their peers hired from the same campus and placed in Mumbai. Considering that Jamshedpur was a less attractive location than Mumbai, it was difficult for either the HR head or Soni to justify the difference.

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