Maggie’s manager notices that she exhibits an external locus of control when she speaks about her work. Her manager should

  • assign Maggie to a highly structured job requiring greater compliance.

  • place Maggie in a job requiring high initiative and low compliance.

  • give Maggie a job with little social contact with coworkers and customers.

  • direct Maggie toward a job with more autonomy.

  • provide incentives such as merit pay or sales commissions.


The statement “I won’t give Austin such a tight deadline again” reflects the ________ component of an attitude.

  • affective

  • decisional

  • cognitive

  • behavioral or intentional

  • factual


To reduce unhealthy stressors in organizations, which of the following would NOT produce favorable results?

  • provide employee assistance programs

  • recommend a holistic wellness approach

  • make jobs interesting

  • provide close, authoritative supervision

  • make career counseling available


Meili’s employer distributes checks at the end of each quarter, representing an equitable portion of 5 percent of the company’s pretax profits for the previous quarter. These are ________checks.

  • pay for performance

  • pay for knowledge

  • profit sharing

  • bonus

  • gainsharing

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