Techniques to establish validity of qualitative data (p 182-184)

1. Check accuracy in recording/coding

2. Repeated observations

3. Member check

4. Triangulation

a. Data

b. Methodological

c. Investigator

d. Theory

5. Peer debrief

6. Audit trail

7. Pilot testing

8. Rival explanations (reorganize data)

9. Negative cases

Keep in Mind (p 207)

Chapter 7: Data Collection Methods

Figure 7.1 – Data Collection Methods in Ascending Order of Intrusiveness (p 211-212)

Considerations for choosing data collection methods:

  1. Evaluation key questions
  2. Evaluator and evaluation team skills
  3. Resources
  4. Stakeholders’ preferred types of data
  5. Level of acceptable intrusiveness
  6. Cultural considerations
  7. Instrument validity
  8. Reliability: consistency of items within instrument AND data collected using instrument over time
  9. Availability of data
  10. Timelines
  11. Objectivity
    1. Figure 7.2 (p224) Types of Measurement Bias
  12. Degree of desired structure
    1. Figure 7.3 (p226) Questions to consider when choosing data collection methods

Article: Collecting Evaluation Data

METHOD FOLLOWS PURPOSE! In other words, the evaluation purpose influences the method.

This is Human Resource Development; Evaluation in Organization

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