Assume that the chairperson of an academic department is holding a discussion with the person responsible for handling all the paperwork associated with student applications for admission to the department. In explaining the reasons for the problems, the admissions clerk states, “The office manager never told me exactly what I was expected to do in this job, and she never gives me any help or tells whether I’m doing good work. She also has me answering phone calls that I think should be answered by our office receptionist. On top of that, I often have to walk to the other end of the office in order to fax copies of admissions forms to the university admissions office, and that takes up a lot of my time. Also, the faculty often ask me to copy textbook materials for them, and whenever they ask me to do so, I put down whatever else I’m working on so that I can get the copying done.” Identify the categories of performance problems apparent in the clerk’s statement. For each problem you identify, describe an appropriate solution.


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