Case study 3 (50-60 employees). The interviews took place halfway through a two-year, new process building construction project on the existing factory site where the client was in close contact. Interviewees were all employed by the main contractor and comprised a corporate health and safety advisor, the site manager, and the site safety advisor (with responsibility for health).

The client-run medical center employed a full-time RGN and an occupational health physician one day a week for their own employees. However, this facility was only available to contractors for more serious accident injuries, which the trained first aiders on the construction site were unable to handle.

Contractors were not encouraged to use the center for other health reasons, medicals or health surveillance as this was not included in the project costs and would therefore be an additional expense for the client. Pre-employment questionnaires, medicals or health surveillance were not undertaken for workers on this construction site.

Once again the attitude of. workers to their health were felt to be poor, i.e., not interested in sun protection, skincare, good lifting practice, etc. It was thought unlikely that workers would take the initiative to arrange their own medical assessments/health surveillance with occupational health professionals. Although in one manager’s experience, older, fit workers would be likely to have a medical, as it would be in their interest to prove their fitness for work. It was expressed that any health management system would be difficult to implement due to the suspicion that it would create regarding possible job loss: prospective employees may conceal information about their health in order to secure employment.

Once again the creation of a ‘passport’ system was cited as the way forward for the future management of health. For example, extending the ‘Safety Passport Scheme’ managed by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) on behalf of clients, to all workers and to include health as well as safety training information.

a. Details of Health Hazards
b. Effects of Health Hazards to the
c. Recommendation on controlling the identified
Health Hazard

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