SECTION A-CASE STUDY Answer the TWO questions in this section QUESTION 01 – 60 Marks

Global consumer microprocessor market- Intel vs AMD Society today is filled with one ubiquitous word and that is the microprocessor, also known as the CPU in more formal terminology. The CPU is pervasive in every form of electronic device from the LCD TV to the cell phone and it was the researchers aim to understand the global consumer microprocessor industry in the context of the two dominant companies which are Intel Corporation and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). AMD started one year after Intel however in 2007 both of these companies have drastically different performances and it was the researchers aim to compare and contrast these companies in the light of the critical success factors that this industry requires. The researcher defines success with reference to the semi-conductor industry as the positive progress made by a company in creating sustainable competitive advantage even if immediate profits are not realized. Critical success can then be defined as the factors of success that a company should prioritize in order to proceed in a constructive direction. With the critical success factors defined, the researcher determined that a mixed-method survey instrument would be used encompassing both qualitative and quantitative questions. The survey was constructed using the conclusions from the literature review and various polls in order for the most accurate survey instrument possible to be constructed. This survey was created online and received a total of 362 responses with 250 respondents making it to the end of the survey. The survey data was then analysed whereby congruen responses were mapped onto a pie chart in order to illustrate the most significant factors with regards to the consumer microprocessor industry. The analysed data from the survey revealed that AMD needs to better manage its collaborators while paying attention to the consumer to ensure that they never underestimate the desires of the market.

Read the case study above carefully then answer the below questions (while you are answering you need to refer to course materials text book (Business Driven Technology-Baltzen)

QUESTION 01- 60 MARKS a) Define critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) (30 Marks)

b) Explain how Intel use them to measure the success of their projects. (30 Marks)

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