Answer ALL the following questions AND make sure you explain the UNDERLINED concepts in your answer.

  1. Rania and Huda are now candidates to the position of “Video Game Designer”. Below you will find the results of their Big-5 personality test as well as the job summary of the vacant position. Use the given information to determine which of the two candidates personality most suits the video game designer job requirements. Explain your answer by referring to the two Big-5 personality test results and the given job summary. (Marks=5)

Big-5 Trait



Video Game Designer

Job Summary

Openness to new experience



A video game designer has exceptional, coding and storytelling skills, and an understanding of the industry, market and target audiences.

Game designers are expected to manage teams, plan schedules, work with budgets, and work long hours under pressure.













  1. Explain, how External Locus of Control and low levels of Agreeableness personality trait affect an employee’s work behavior? Make sure you describe the underlined concepts in your answer. (Marks=5)

For Question 3, read the below paragraph then answer the following question:

“Our last department manager would not move an inch unless recognized and rewarded by top management. He once admitted that he only worked for the company because of the high pay and the annual bonuses he received. We noticed from his behavior that he would help other people only when he made sure his boss would know about it. And, he seemed to do volunteer work just to decorate his C.V.”?

  1. Which one of Maslow’s needs level does the above described manager belong to the most? Explain why you think so. (Marks=3)
  2. Based on your studies of Communication skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Labor,answer the following questions:
    1. Explain why employees who are in “deep-acting” give better feedback to customers than those in “surface acting”?(Marks=5)
  1. Which two of the four emotional intelligence skills (Self-awareness, Social-awareness, Self-management, Relationship-management) do you think mostlyhelps you Encode your messages professionally? Explain why you think so. (Marks=4)

Make sure you describe the underlined concepts in your answer.

  1. Based on your studies of Attitude, fill in the table below. (Marks=3)

Cognitive component (Thought/Belief)

Affect (Emotion)

Behavior (Reaction)


I believe our team leader did a fabulous job leading the project.

The other day a complemented her on her excellent leadership.


I hate working long hours




I asked my team leader to remove me from the team.

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