Jassim is a team leader at The-Zone Media Productions (ZMP). For the last six weeks, Jassim and his team of five have been working on the national day events celebrated by one of their major clients, Zain Telecom. Bahrain. Among Jassim’s five team members, three are media production professionals with more than five years experience in this field. The remaining two team members have been with the company a little over a year and have never worked on a project as large as the Zain Telecom national day event. Although the two new members have gained lot of confidence and skills needed to achieve the necessary project work during the past year, Jassim feels that he still needs to coach and give feedback to them but without passing orders like he used to when they first started working with (ZMP). As for the three expert team members, Jassim has fully delegated several tasks to them and is depending on them to land a spectacular media production for Zain Telecom. Once any team member reaches an advanced level of competence, Jassim empowers them to make professional decisions on their own. In addition, he discusses all technical matters with all his teammates and encourage them to put forward and defend their ideas regardless of being beginners or professionals at their job. This leadership approach has increased the team’s motivation levels which in turn has encouraged creativity. Jassim always repeats a statement to his teammates in every meeting that: “we are not afraid to make mistakes, because we use these mistakes as a learning experience to grow to new heights”. Very soon you too will be leading your own projects. Remember, it is a learning process!

1. According to Hersey Blanchard Situational Leadership model:
a. Which of the four leadership styles (Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating) is Jassim currently applying to the two new team members and which to the three expert team members? Explain why by stating the level of supportive and directive behavior Jassim is following AND by giving evidence from the above case.

b. Which leadership style (Task or People) does Jassim naturally use with all his team members regardless of their expertise level? Explain by giving evidence from the above case.

2. According to Herzberg 2 factor motivation model, explain which of the 2 factors (Hygiene or Motivators) is Jassim applying the most when leading his team. Clarify why you think so by giving evidence from the above case.

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