Can someone write me a paragraph of problems of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine and recommendations

  • Recommendations – Summarize your top 3-5 recommendations but include other options you considered and discarded for each aspect of the situation. Make recommendations on actions to be taken for both short and medium timeframes. Include risks / benefits for options, cost estimates or indicate what information you would like to have, and where you might obtain the information needed.

Here’s what I have for the problems

  1. J&J’s sourcing strategy relies on outsourcing the manufacturing of their vaccine to subcontractors within the US, which has resulted in quality issues throughout their operations due to a lack of oversight and control. To illustrate this, a subcontractor in Baltimore ruined 15 million doses of the J&J COVID-19 vaccine by mistakenly mixing it with Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine. This subcontractor has also been reprimanded for problems with mold and other contaminants, as well as having poorly trained employees

  2. Poor quality control in factory (layout)

  3. Lack of personal

  4. Vulnerable vaccine supply chains

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