As a digital marketer of an RV company, come up with a solution to use the content you created for a pillar page targeting the persona of Emma, a retired woman looking to purchase an RV, and transform this pillar page into a lead generation campaign. To do so:

  1. Explain what kind of gated content you intend to create from your pillar page and why this is a good idea, keeping in mind that you are starting with a pillar page and you are targeting Emma
  2. Sketch a short campaign where you support your gated piece of content with three ungated pieces of content (Explain in a short sentence what each piece of ungated content is about, how it relates to your piece of gated content, and where it will ‘exist’ like social media and why)
  3. Sketch (create a map using boxes and arrows) how these three ungated pieces of content relate to the gated piece
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