Groups must answer all parts based on their understanding of the topic. All parts are different from each other.

Part A
Pick a company of your choice from the Fortune Global 500 companies and research the following questions:
1. List company’s CSR initiative(s) for the last 10 years in the following order
a. What were the initiatives?
b. Where these initiatives have taken place?
c. Which year have they started?
Part B
Students to define corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on their prior knowledge and answer the following questions:
2. What are some of the reasons corporations would want to have CSR programs?
3. What are some of the factors or reasons that might work against CSR programs?
4. Do CSR programs protect consumers and/or investors? How?
Part C
Students will discuss the following statement and reach a decision, whether they support it or do not support it. In either case they must provide their rationale. “Government should regulate businesses more heavily and more closely monitor their activities”

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