The popular press often portrays the Internet as a magical new technology for linking producers and consumers directly, eliminating middlemen. They are describing a process of:

a. None of the listed

b. Subsidization

c. Disintermadiation

d. Dual distribution

e. Reintermediation

2. Among the following categories of retailers, which category would be the least attractive for a company to be invested in?

a. Low-margin/low turnover retailer

b. High-margin/high turnover retailer

c. High-margin/low turnover retailer

d. Low-margin/high turnover retailer

3. Which of the following elements of the environment would usually be considered to be a part of an international channel’s Legal/Political Environment?

a. Import restrictions

b. Recession

c. Relatively primitive communication and transportation systems

d. Varying cultural values

e. Different currencies

4. Our notes describe the benefits of small store size. Identify the alternative that is not one of the benefits of small store size:

a. More personalized service likely

b. Results in lower overheads being allocated per unit of product sold

c. Retailer needs a smaller geographical area to draw its customers

d. Many consumers prefer small stores due the convenience of getting in and out faster

e. Retailer can easily find a location than if it had a larger store that requires more parking

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