You’ve been looking at other writers’ habits and rituals, and thinking about your own. What these reveal is just how much effort it takes to get focused on the task of writing, and to see it through.

It’s good to remind ourselves that if we struggle with writing, it’s because writing really is difficult. What’s more, it’s difficult in lots of different ways. You might hate having to give an opinion on something you don’t know or care about, or feel self-conscious about grammar, or struggle to stay on task, or hate the isolation, or become obsessed with a topic and not know how to stop, or – any number of things.

Describe some of your key writing behaviors (procrastination and writing preferences), and explain what you find difficult about writing.

Or, if you don’tfind writing difficult, describe your writing behaviors, and explain why you don’t find writing difficult.


  • 500 words
  • clearly written
  • carefully proofread
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