Select an entry-level position for an organization in your chosen career field (some examples could be a diet clerk in a hospital, a host at a restaurant, or a ticket agent at an airline – it doesn’t have to be one of these three options, pick a position that you are familiar with). Find a job posting for that position at a specific company (like ticket agent for Southwest Airlines). Then design a selection process to use for the screening of applicants for this position.

1. Identify at least two different steps that applicants for the job you have identified would have to go through during the selection process before the company would make a hiring decision.

2. Justify why each of the two steps is appropriate for the specific position and for the specific company you chose.(HINT- use the information from the job description or job posting to help you know what knowledge, skills, and abilities are necessary for the position!)

3. Explain how each of the two processes would be conducted and describe how each candidate will be evaluated during the selection process.For instance, if one of the selection processes steps I identified for my server position was to have an interview, I would include the specific interview questions that I would ask the candidates along with a way to score candidate responses so that the company could identify why one employee was selected over another.

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