You work for a apparel company in Tokyo. Your CFO at the firm asks you to compute the company’s cash conversion cycle (CCC). Looking at the financial statements, you see that the average inventory for the year was JPY300,000, accounts receivable were JPY200,000, and accounts payable were JPY400,000. You also see that the company had sales of JPY1,000,000 and that cost of goods sold was JPY500,000.

Interpret your company's cash conversion cycle. What does the CCC number mean! Is it good for the company? If not, what improvements/recommendations can you give?

2. Located in Ghent, Toktik Candy Inc., has net sales of Euro 20 million in 2020, and 60% of these are credit sales. The cost of goods sold is 55% of Toktik Inc annual sales. The firm’s cash conversion cycle is 60 days. The inventory balance at the firm is EUR 3,000,000, while its accounts payable balance is EUR 4,000,000.

What is the firm’s accounts receivable balance (in Euro)?

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