In an increasingly competitive healthcare environment, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are seeking new ways to attract and retain patients, including treating patients as customers and developing hotel-like amenities to create a comfortable environment for patients.
At the same time, healthcare facilities are becoming more patient- and family-centered, focusing on involving patients in making decisions about their care. In a partnership, the partners are assumed to have equal standing, while in a customer-focused relationship, the customer is typically at a slightly higher level and is “always right.”
(a) Are these two concepts — patient as customer (i.e. customer experience) and patient as partner (i.e. patient experience) — contradictory or complementary or both? (3 marks)
(b)How can health care facilities be both patient centred and customer-focused? – (3 marks).
(c) State one advantage and one disadvantage of positioning healthcare facility patients as customers (3 marks).
Follow up post to respond to posts by peers or course coordinator (1 mark)
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