Oakwood Hospital is considering using ABC analysis to classify laboratory SKUs into three? categories: those that will be delivered daily from their supplier? (Class A? items), those that will be controlled using a continuous review system? (B items), and those that will be held in a two bin system? (C items). The following table shows the annual dollar usage for a sample of eight SKUs. Fill in the blanks for annual dollar usage below. ?(Enter your responses rounded to the nearest whole? number.) SKU Unit Value Demand? (units) Annual Dollar Usage 1 ?$0.02 1,100?$nothing 2 ?$0.80 400 ?$nothing 3 ?$1.50 200 ?$ 4 ?$4.20 800?$nothing 5 ?$0.45 90 ?$nothing 6 ?$0.20 55,000 ?$nothing 7 ?$0.02 120,000 ?$nothing 8 ?$1.10 35,000 ?$nothing.
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