When the responses are not recorded right, or the anwers are questionable or unknown or not provided, it is called________

Your answer:

a. Out-of-range values

e. Invalid responses

b. Missing responses

d. Inconsistent responses

c. Edits

When the findings suggest that there may be categories that need merging or combining, what we do is _____.

Your answer:

c. replication

a. recombining

b. resetting

d. recoding

e. returning

What is the general rule for recording answers to open-ended (structured) questions?

Your answer:

a. filter the responses

b. record the responses verbatim

d. summarize the responses

e. select the responses

c. interpret the responses

Which of the following is not a supervisor do in suvervising his/her fieldworkers?

Your answer:

c. coding of questionnaires

d. quality control and editing

a. control of cheating

b. central office control

e. sampling control

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