You are in charge of a department at your company. Unfortunately, business is not going as well as expected and departments throughout the company are mandated to cut personnel. Your directive is to lay off one individual. A review of the people in your department leads you to identify two individuals of which you have to select one to be terminated. One of these individuals is an unmarried male of about thirty years of age that rents an apartment over his parent’s garage. The other individual is a roughly 40-year-old single mother of a fourth-grader. Both of these individuals have excellent personnel evaluations. Your own impression confirms that both are excellent employees. In terms of their performance, you cannot see any significant difference, except that the female comes on time and leaves on time due to childcare obligations and has an excellent attendance record. The male also has an excellent attendance record, but given that he is single can come in early or stay late if required. The legal department has asked that you write a memo stating who is being laid off and what your rationale is. Provides references, SafeAssign, institution policies etc.
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