Hewlett Parckard (HP) is a multinational powerhouse of technology innovation, products, and services, all engineered to create experiences that astonish, with over 50,000 employees worldwide.Individuals, small and medium-sized organizations, and corporations all over the world use the company’s printers, PCs, mobile devices, and solutions.

When Hewlett Packard split into HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in late 2015, and the new “HP” became a separate company, the corporation took intentional steps to review its principles and practices.“We rolled out Growth Mindset as a company philosophy,” said Mike Jordan, global head of talent and learning.“It is the conviction that everyone can improve and exist in a condition of perpetual development.”The next step was to create an L&D program that reflected that mindsetand that gave their modern workforce the accessibility they craved. Jordan explained, “We wanted to facilitate learning, not dictate it. We wanted to help people identify where and how they wanted to develop, and then give them opportunities to learn and practice.”

With an online social learning platform powered by LinkedIn’s Lynda.comHP Inc. quickly began developing Brain Candy, an enormous online social learning platform.Internal material was created by the L&D team using subject matter experts from within the was chosen as the primary source of external content.“We really put every other option to the test, especially when it came to creating skills across the enterprise,” Jordan added.“Our staff who tried the various optionswas unanimous in their conclusion that Lynda.comoffered the greatest content.”Jordan liked the format of the classes as well.He explained, “It’s a more flexible manner of learning that allows for simple access at any moment.”“In addition, the bite-sized content enables just-in-time learning.

Employees have immediate access to what they require.”The enticing aspect wasn’t only the bite-sized stuff.“ also comes with exercises and applications that learners can utilize to really go deep and transform concepts into practice,” said Francine Rosca, global learning program manager.The company began with a three-month pilot of content for engineers, and then swiftly expanded to the full company. “Instead of having a separate LEARNING SOLUTIONS promotion effort, we integrated it into everything else we do with Brain Candy,” Rosca explained.“ content is incorporated in all of our products, whether it’s learning paths for newly promoted managers, the technical skills catalog, or pre-classroom training.It comes across as extremely natural.”To achieve success, the L&D team included leadership early on.“To be sure we were on the righttrack; wedid a lot of cross-pollination.Managers and leadership were critical in determining which skills to prioritize and ensuring that we addressed those needs,” Jordan added.“All the way to the top, there’s buy-in.”

HP Inc.’s learning culture is thriving a year later.“We’ve seen the greatest benefit among mid-level professionals trying to advance their careers and expand their capabilities,” Jordan added.“What keeps people going back to is the accessibility and quality of the content.”

It’s apparent that HP Inc.staffs have embraced Growth Mindset.“It’s starting to get engrained in our culture,” Rosca remarked.Those changes are reflected in their measures as well.On, HP Inc.have 9,000 active learners who have viewed over 35,000 hours of content. More than 545,000 videos have been seen by firm employees, and 10,710 certificatesof completion have been issued.When employees were asked if HP Inc. supports their learning and development in the most recent global engagement survey, the company experienced a 9 percent year-over-year rise.

Employees are pleased not only by the existence of online learning, but also bythe accompanying functionality.“The capacity to curate and share content is critical,” Jordan stated.

“A lot of organisations had already discovered a means to share with their teams,” Rosca continued, “but they wanted to share with a wider audience.”Our staff may share their technical expertise and relevant material with an entire department or even the entire company using and Brain Candy.”Learning at HP Inc. has also shifted to a more hands-on approach.

“We ask class participants to complete certain courses before coming to class, and then they use the in-class experience for practice, feedback, or discussing viewpoints with other learners,” Rosca stated.We make full use of all of this fantastic online content and apply what we’ve learned in class.”HP Inc. was recently named one of the top three organizations whereMillennials desire to work, and Jordan expressed his optimism that the company’s approach to learning and development will continue to support that trend.


1.Discuss the difficulties of using virtual education platforms for professional development in relation to the case study.Refine your search to a single corporate sector.(25 marks)

2.What obstacles do businesses have when dealing with non-online learning techniques for employee development in relation to the case study? Restrict your search to a single business community.(25 marks)

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