The purpose of this assignment is to critically examine a recent (3 years or more recent) from Canada on a legal healthcare issue.

Validate your case selection with your professor – the expectation is that everyone in your classes/section selects a unique case.


  • Find a recent (within the last three years) news article/item that covers a health law/health leadership issue.

    • Note – you may need to find supplemental articles or bulletins to answer the questions asked in this assignment fully.

  • Identify the area(s) of the health law that the article addresses. Describe how these areas of law applicable to the case

  • Identify the defendant and plaintiff.

  • Outline the argument/issue that is being presented in the legal issue/news item

  • Outline at least three practices of health care that the results of this case could impact – i.e. human resources, privacy, operational, monetary, strategic planning, etc. and how they could be impacted

  • As a leader in health care, if this legal issue were to impact you/your organization, how would this decision impact your practice/what steps may you have to take to implement the decision in your practice?

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