Chapter 4 Review Questions Please answer the following questions in a word document and submit here in e Learning. Chapter 4. Review Questions 1. Explain how several current environmental forces are affecting and will affect organizations and organizational structures’ effectiveness and efficiency in the near future? 2. What are ways to classity and describe how industries and organizations fit and do not fit with their external environments? 3. What are a few industries and/or organizations that are fitting wall with their current environments? What are a few that are not? Why? 4. What are some major differences between organic and mechanistic organizational structures and systems? 5. Which organization would you work best in, an organically or mechanistically structured one, and why? 6. What are some advantages and disadvantages of functional structures? 7. Do you think w’s true that every organization has a hidden functional structure in I? Explain your answer B. Why have functional structures been criticized for not accommodating new changes in the environment? 9. What are some advantages and disadvantages of divisional structures? 10. How is a product structure one type of a divisional structure? Explain. You must answer every question in complete detail to receive full credit. Due by Sunday, September 20th @ 11:59 PM NO late submissions accepted. Chapter 5 Review Questions Please answer the following questions in a word document and submit here ine Learning Chapter 5. Bedew Questions 1. What is the difference between this and business is ondant Colour 35000 contentId_2000063.18 ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION Due Date Sunday, September 26, 2021 11:59 PM Points Possible 1 Wells Fargo, Crisis and Scandal After you read Chapter 4 please complete the Critical Thinking Case and answer the following questions in a Word document. Questions 1. What happened at Wells Fargo with regard to past activities that led to this major scandal? 2. What internal dimensions of the company were part of the problems that occurred? 3. How might the organizational structure of the company have been part of the problems that occurred? 4. Identify and use relevant concepts from this chapter as well as your own thoughts and analysis to diagnose the scandal at Wells Fargo. How could such a scandal have occurred in the first place? Who and what was at fault? 5. Suggest some solution paths the company might consider, using knowledge from this chapter and your own thoughts/research, to avoid such a scandal from reoccurring Due by Sunday, September 20th @ 11:50 PM NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED. ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION Text Submission Write Submission Attach Fes Browse Local Files Browse Content Collection Browse Cloud Service When finished, make sure to click Submit Optionally, click Save ax Draft to saw changes and continue working loter, or ello Cancel to quit without saving changes Cancel
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