.1. Perfectly competitive markets incorporate forces that inevitably drives buyers and sellers towards the point of equilibrium. Which one of the below moral values is not achieved? a) Lead buyers and sellers to exchange their goods in a just way. b) Maximise the seller’s profits. c) Maximise the utility of the buyers and sellers. d) Bring about the achievements in a way that respect buyers and sellers.

1.3. What term is used to refer when different people make different claims on society’s benefits and burdens and all the claims cannot be satisfied? a) Compensatory justice b) Retributive justice c) Distributive justice d) Ordinary justice

1.5. What term is used to describe a system of normative beliefs shared by members of a social group? a) Culture b) Society c) Tradition d) Ideology

1.8. Which one of the following practices is not discriminatory practice at the workplace? a) Autocratic practices b) Recruitment practices c) Screening practices d) Promotion practices

1.9. Moral issues raised by advertising are complex. Below are the factors that should be taken into consideration when determining the ethical nature of a given advertisement. Which one is not a factor to be considered? a) Economic effects b) Social effects c) Effects on Desire d) Effects on Belief

1.10. Which one of the following is not the producer’s responsibility of duty to exercise due care? a) Distribution b) Design c) Production d) Marketing

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