As Campus Travel is new to EC, the management suggests following a stepwise approach for using the Internet to conduct business. Before using the Internet for conducting transactions, the managers recommend setting up a site that provides information to customers. Part of this informational site is an agency locator that shows the services each agency has. You have been asked to create a new database. This includes creating relationships between entities. To create this new database, do the following:

■ Create a database called “agency.”

■ Create a table called “agencies” and include fields for agency ID, street address, city, state, ZIP code, phone number, number of service agents, and working hours.

■ Create a table called “services” that includes service ID, name (i.e., type of service), and description.

■ Create a third table called “agency services” that includes the agency ID field from the agencies table and the service ID field from the services table.

â–  Once these tables are created, go to the relationship view and connect the agencies (one side) and agency services (many side) tables and the services (one side) and agency services (many side) tables using two one-to-many relationships (i.e., each agency can offer many services; each service can be offered by many agencies).

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