Match the following terms with the appropriate definitions:

i. Click-through rate

ii. Reintermediation

iii. web analytics

iv. Paid inclusion

v. Conversion rate

vi. Long tails

vii. Click fraud

viii. Search engine optimization

ix. E-government

x. Group buying

a. Special volume discounts negotiated with local businesses and offered to people in the form of “daily deals”

b. The design of business models that reintroduce middlemen in order to reduce the chaos brought on by disintermediation

c. The large parts of consumer demand that are outside the relatively small number of mainstream tastes

d. The percentage of visitors who actually perform the marketer’s desired action

e. The number of surfers who click on an ad divided by the number of times it was displayed

f. The use of information systems to provide citizens, organizations, and other governmental agencies with information about and access to public services

g. Methods used to improve a site’s ranking

h. The analysis of web surfers’ behavior in order to improve a site’s performance

i. The practice of paying a fee to be included in a search engine’s listing

j. The abuse of pay-per-click advertising models by repeatedly clicking on a link to inflate revenue to the host or increase the costs for the advertiser

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