Campus Travel seems to be growing quite rapidly. Now it has franchises in three different states, totaling 16 locations. As the company has grown tremendously over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of the areas of expertise of each travel consultant; often, consultants waste valuable time trying to find out who in the company possesses the knowledge about a particular region. Impressed with your skills, the general manager of Campus Travel has asked you to add, modify, and delete the following records from its employee database:

â–  Open employeedata.mdb.

■ Select the “employee” tab.

â–  Add the following records:

a. Eric Tang, Spokane Office, Expert in Southwest, Phone (509) 555-2311

b. Janna Connell, Spokane Office, Expert in Delta, Phone (509) 555-1144

â–  Delete the following record:

a. Carl Looney from the Pullman office

â–  Modify the following:

a. Change Frank Herman from the Pullman office to the Spokane office

b. Change Ramon Sanchez’s home number to (208) 549-2544

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