Q1. What range of numbers, starting at 0, can be stored in 14 bits?

Q2. Convert 101010102 to decimal.

Q3. Convert 00000001000000002 to decimal.

Q4. Convert 241 to an 8-bit binary value using the division approach.

Q5. Convert 194 to an 8-bit binary value using the subtraction approach.

Q6. Convert 110001012 to octal.

Q7. Convert 110001012 to hexadecimal.

Q8. If our IP address is and our netmask is, what is the network address?

Q9. Compute (using XOR) the parity bit of 111100012 using even parity.

Q10. State whether there is an error in the byte + parity bit assuming even parity. Explain your answer. 00111101 Parity bit = 1

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