A central position in a strategic network usually corresponds to

  1. Short decision/making processes.
  2. Lower negotiation costs.
  3. low level of social capital.
  4. Power and influence.

Question 2: What is the main value of? Porter’s Diamond for individual?organisations?

A) The organisations can use it to factor out any risks linked to variations in home demand.
B) The organisations can use it to avoid the need for local clusters of suppliers.
C) The organisations can identify to what extent they can build on home-based advantages to create competitive advantage in relation to others on a global front.
D) The organisations can quickly identify key factors such as cost advantages or logistical benefits.

Question 3: A strategy map

  • A) Helps to navigate in complex and dynamic market environments.
    B) Shows cause-and-effect relations between strategic goals.
    C)Describes the companies’ strategy compared to the competitors in the strategic group.
  • D) Helps to streamline inefficient processes.
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