The following CPM network has estimates of the normal time in weeks listed for the activities: a-1. Determine the critical path. multiple choice 1 A-C-E-G A-C-F-G A-B-D-G Correct A-B-E-G a-2. Determine the early completion time in weeks for the project. For the data shown, reduce the project completion time by three weeks. Assume a linear cost per week shortened. ACTIVITY NORMAL TIME NORMAL COST CRASH TIME CRASH COST A 5 $ 7,000 3 $ 13,000 B 10 12,000 7 18,000 C 8 5,000 7 7,000 D 6 4,000 5 5,000 E 7 3,000 6 6,000 F 4 6,000 3 7,000 G 4 7,000 3 9,000

b-1. Which activities in order of reduction would be shortened? multiple choice 2 G-D-A D-G-A Correct A-G-D D-B-C

b-2. Find the resulting cost to crash.

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