Adjustable Cells Final Reduced Objective Allowable Allowable Cell Name Value Cost Coefficient Increase Decrease $B$2 TV 6.875 0 30000 8400 68400 $C$2 Radio 10 0 22000 1E+30 4900 $D$2 Billboard 9 0 24000 12250 5250 $E$2 Newspaper 10 0 8000 1E+30 3200 Constraints Final Shadow Constraint Allowable Allowable Cell Name Value Price R.H. Side Increase Decrease $F$4 C1 LHS (cost) 15000 42.75 15000 1000 9000 $F$5 C2 LHS 6.875 0 10 1E+30 3.125 $F$6 C3 LHS 10 4900 10 22.5 2.5 $F$7 C4 LHS 9 0 10 1E+30 1 $F$8 C5 LHS 10 3200 10 45 5 $F$9 C6 LHS 0 5.25 0 1000 5000 $F$10 C7 LHS (max. ads) 6 0 16.875 1E+30 10.875 3 i. How many TV, radio, billboards, and newspaper ads should be placed to maximize the total number of people reached? AP(2 marks) ii. What is the total number of audiences reached corresponding to the optimal solution? AP(2 marks) iii. Identify two constraints that are not binding? Give 1 reasons for your answer. AP(1mark) c) Base on your understanding of the solver output above, what will be your answer to the following questions i. If the campaign manager could increase the cost of ads available by 200, or increase the maximum number of ads by 4, which should it choose? And Why? AP (3 marks) ii. All the number of each type of ads was generated in the optimal solution. How little would the number of audiences reached via billboard have to be for it to no longer be used to advertise? AP(3 marks) iii. Adakabre wants to introduce another type of ad called ‘internet’. This new method of advertising is purported to reach 20,000 people but will cost GH¢400 and the maximum number of this internet ad is also 10 like the others. Should Felix introduce the internet ad into their advertising line? (AP4 marks) Total = 20 Mark
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