Tata Electronics Ltd. makes electronic components. Below is the Q3 information provided by plant: July 0.86 Direct materials partial productivity Overtime hours worked Defect rate On time delivery Set up time (average in hours) Number of machine breakdowns Downtime (hours) Number of products returned Throughput time (hours) 90 3.00% 98.5% 16.40 August September 10.87 10.88 85 82 2.95% 2.92% 98.9% 98.5% 16.35 16.30 2 1 1 14.25 14.5 15.0 9 8 7 15.0 14.8 14.5 After graduating with a BBA degree from Yorkville university you got a job at Tata Electronics as the controller. The CFO has asked that you review the data and write a summary analysis with recommendations. The company is looking to implement a balanced scorecard and wants you to identify some measures that should be included in a balanced scorecard. Your report should be 300 – 500 words in length.
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