A SCOR Process Reference Model contains which of the following?

Human Capital and Information Technology processes

Internal Business processes and Customer processes

Strategic and operational processes

Standard metrics

2. Which statement about pools and lanes is true?

A pool represents a subprocess.

A collaboration process is a process inside a pool.

An empty pool is not allowed.

An embedded subprocess cannot contain pools and lanes.

3. Which of the following measures correspond to a generic customer measure?

Return on investment (ROI)


Market share in targeted segments

Employee satisfaction

4. With what, is the Process Modeling Conformance Level of BPMN 2.0 concerned with?

Visible elements and attributes used in high level modeling.

All visible elements of the BPMN specification.

All visible elements excluding all elements attributes and properties.

Exclusively flow and connecting objects depicting a business process.

5. Pizza Co. hired Trisotech to design a new “Customer Order Taking” process. The first activity of the BPM consultant should be to…

Build and submit a project plan.

Ensure that IT will not influence the initiative.

Collect the performance data of the actual process.

Understand the objectives of the sponsor.

6. The description “To establish and use a common organizational process infrastructure” refers to which BPMM level?






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