As part of a brand revitalization strategy, marketers can focus on taking action with a number of key target market segments. Which of the following strategic targeting options is the riskiest?

Recapturing lost customers.
Retaining vulnerable customers.
Attracting new customers.
Identifying neglected segments.
Which of the following best illustrates an effective brand migration strategy?
Ford using distinct family brands in naming its vehicles to manage brand associations across products..
Apple using the ‘Air’ brand modifier to reinforce the portability of its products.
IBM divesting its personal computer brand to Lenovo in order to signal a focus on business solutions. Tesla moving its operations from California to Texas in pursuit of a more favorable environment.
BMW with its 3-, 5-, 7-series numbering system to denote increasingly higher levels of quality.
There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to global marketing programs. In general, firms are able to realize these advantages and minimize potential disadvantages by:
Developing a marketing mix that is completely unique for each country.
Standardizing the marketing program as much as possible while also paying attention to important differences across countries.
Ignoring differences in consumer behavior across countries.
Avoiding operating in both developed and emerging markets at the same time.
Completely standardizing the marketing program across countries.

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