You are an investment bank intern and your first job is to help with an acquisition project. Your client, Purifier, is an industry leader in the air conditioning business. Recently, Purifier approached your investment bank and expressed its interests in acquiring a start-up called IntelAir. Your project manager assigned you the task of evaluating this acquisition. After one week of research, you gathered the following information about IntelAir.

IntelAir was founded two years ago by a few college dropouts. IntelAir has developed a proprietary temperature sensor antenna and a patented air purifying system. Purifier thinks that acquiring IntelAir will bring valuable economic synergies and expand Purifier’s market share.

IntelAir has signed contracts with several temperature sensor companies to deliver its antenna. The contract specifies that over the next ten years (years 1 to 10), IntelAir would deliver their most up-to-date sensor antennas for $1000/unit. The yearly order volume is 5000 units for a total revenue of $5,000,000. After 10 years, IntelAir anticipates that there will be no more demand for antenna due to landscape changes in the technology space.

The all-inclusive cost of sensor production is $700/unit. However, IntelAir expects that in year 5, there will be a major technology upgrade. IntelAir will incur a one-time upgrading expense in year five, which is not included in the previous all-inclusive cost. The upgrading expense is $800,000.

Also, Purifier intends to sell the air purifying system patent one year after the acquisition (year 1). The patent’s expected selling price is $2,000,000.

Purifier currently uses a discount rate of 10%.

What is the maximum Purifier should pay for IntelAir? (please use two decimal digits in your answer)

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