need 250-300 words) XYZ Fitness owns and operates five stylish fitness centres in Hong Kong. These

centres are located in office districts such as Central and Quarry Bay. People aged

25-45 working in the nearby office buildings are their major target customers.

Competition in the gym market is fierce in Hong Kong. XYZ Fitness has maintained


slight growth in the past years, and is expecting another very challenging year ahead.

XYZ Fitness is famous for its top-quality equipment, spacious environment and chic

interior design. The Marketing Director of XYZ Fitness emphasizes that their gym is

not just an excellent place to workout, but an ideal venue with a unique ambience for

people to escape from stressful work and improve their wellbeing.

XYZ Fitness will open its sixth centre in Kowloon Bay, a district with a number of

new office buildings. This new branch will start its business in January 2022. The

characteristics and style of this new Kowloon Bay branch will be similar to those of

other XYZ Fitness Centres. Some of the characteristics include:

– state-of-the-art facilities and advanced training equipment

– a wide variety of one-on-one training and group exercise classes, suitable for

people with different needs, from beginners to professional athletes

– studio rooms with stylish and cool interior design, equipped with advanced lighting

and sound systems

– a professional team specialized in designing the lighting and music playlist for

different types of workout activities

– a group cycling studio with cinema-grade giant video wall and sound system

– a spacious area with natural light for yoga and meditation

– a cafe and relaxation zone serving healthy drinks and snacks

– a special event space – on weekends, there will be talks, workshops, exhibitions or

live music shows

– a retail space selling organic food, skincare and aromatherapy products

– friendly staff who are passionate about providing advice on health and fitness

XYZ Fitness did not have any major advertising and promotional activities before. It

is not very active on social media, although it has its Facebook page and Instagram

account, both with some followers.

You are appointed by XYZ Fitness to develop an integrated marketing

communications (IMC) campaign in the year 2022. You are asked not to consider

the budget constraint at this planning stage, as long as your proposed ideas are


You can also assume that the pandemic situation in 2022 will be similar to that in the

second half of 2021.

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